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January 2009

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AMCS Bulletin, Vol. 20 /Edited by James E. Brady, 97 pages, softbound, 2009. This volume contains eleven papers, including new studies of archaeological caves that were reported by Eduard Seler in the nineteenth century and studies of the religious and social significance of caves to the inhabitants of several towns in northwestern Guatemala. Contents: Preface Quen Santo Revisited: Updating Eduard Seler's 19th Century Cave Studies, by James E. Brady, et al. A Restudy of Cave 1 at Quen Santo, by Jenny Guerra and James E. Brady New Cave Discoveries at Quen Santo, Huehuetenango, Guatemala, by C. L. Kieffer The Cosmological and Social Significance of Quen Santo in Contemporary Maya Society, by Sergio Garza Caves and Fish in Mesoamerica: An Initial Consideration, by James E. Brady and Sergio Garza The Gendered Use of Caves in the Jakaltec and Chuj Areas, by C. L. Kieffer, et al. The Chicomoztoc and Modern Jakaltek Ethnography, by James E. Brady and Arnulfo Delgado A Reassessment of Ethnographic Data on Cave Utilization in Santa Eulalia, by James E. Brady and Sergio Garza Aspects of Ritual Organization in Santa Eulalia, Guatemala, by Sergio Garza and James E. Brady Gender Complementarity and Separation in Maya Ritual, by Sergio Garza Ritual Cave Use among Q'anjob'alan Peoples in Colonial Northern Huehuetenango, by Stacey Schwartzkopf Open Access - Permission by Publisher See Extended description for more information.





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