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January 1999


Lumberman's Investment Corporation (LIC)(Applicant) ahs filed an application under 10(a)(1)(B) of the Endangered Species Act (Act) to allow incidental take of listed endangered Tooth Cave ground beetles (TCGB) (Rhadine persephone) associated with otherwise lawful construction and occupation of mixed use development with associated streets and utilities on portions of Buttercup Creek's subdivision Section 4 and Phase V, and the extension of Lakeline Boulevard north of the subdivision located in the City of Cedar Park, Williamson County, Texas (Figure 1). Residential development is planned within the 434.6-acre area (Figure 2). The extension of Lakeline Boulevard northward of the subdivision for about 2,000 feet occupies an additional 3.4 acres. A Habitate Conservation Plan (HCP) has been included in the proposed development that focuses on avoidance of take of listed species or any other species of concern to the extent reasonably possible, and also provides for possibilities of incidental take of species by unexpected encounters with subsurface voids during construction that might contain Tooth Cave ground beetles or other species (Section 6.0). The HCP proposes responsible development practices and karst conservation measures to be utilized by the Applicant in the Buttercup Creek development, augmented by new knowledge gained by geological and biological studies conducted on-site.

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