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January 2013


Friesenhahn Cave in San Antonio, Texas, offers a wealth of paleontological artifacts. The cave is owned by Concordia University and is primarily managed by Dr. Laurence Meissner, professor of biology at Concordia. Since its discovery in the early twentieth century, researchers have discovered numerous Pleistocene fossils; aside from the La Brea Tar Pits in California, Friesenhahn Cave is the most Pleistocene fossil-rich site in the United States. Recently, little research has been conducted in the cave, though it is believed that many fossils remain to be discovered. We propose the establishment of the Friesenhahn Cave Foundation, a non-profit organization whose purpose would be to promote research, education and conservation regarding the cave. We analyze comparative models to help develop an effective framework for the Friesenhahn Cave Foundation, which would be governed by a nine-member board. It would be the responsibility of the board to accomplish Foundation goals. We include a mission statement in an effort to help the board achieve these goals. Moreover, we outline board member duties, explore funding possibilities and discuss effective outreach methods.

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