Edwards Aquifer Land Use / Land Cover


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January 2003


This layer delineates the land use/land cover (LULC) polygons for the Edwards Aquifer Project in Texas from the years 1995 and 1996. Attribution of the polygons is based on a modified Anderson classification schema. LULC classification was done to Level 3 of the classification schema and a new category of Mixed Forest/Shrub was added to better represent the land cover of the area. Fieldwork was performed prior to compilation to gather local data and relate aerial photo images to corresponding ground features. Because of the stunted or lower tree growth common in this region it was difficult at times to differentiate between Forest, Mixed Forest/Shrub, and Shrub. It should be noted that much of the Planted/cultivated land is highly managed pastureland. A detailed description of the schema can be found in the Supplemental Information Section. All the LULC data was collected from color infrared DOQQs and high-resolution (1:40,000-scale) aerial photography. The minimum mapping unit used for delineating a polygon is 5 acres and the minimum polygon width is 125 feet.

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