Description du premier Campodéidé cavernicole du sud de la péninsule Ibérique (Diplura, Campodeidae)


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January 1989


Description of the first cave dwelling Campodeid from southern Iberian Peninsula: The new species here described was collected from two caves in the karst of Andalusia. Its most prominent character is the location of two macrochetae on the dorsal side of the femora. This apomorphy is shared by two other species of the genus Plusiocampa only: P. sinensis Silvestri (southern China) and P. evallonychia Silvestri (Crimea, Taurus), but the three species do not appear to be nearly related. P. alhamae sp. not. could be a relative of P. breuili Condé from Ibiza (Balearic Islands). During biospeological research in the grenadine karst, M. Blas, of the Faculty of Biology of Barcelona and A. Tinaut, of the Faculty of Sciences of Granada, collected two Campodéidae in Sima Rica, in saw Alhama. To this material are added two other specimens captured by Mr. Rios, in the Sima Maquila, a cavity close to the previous one and located in the Loja Saw. We attribute these specimens to a new species of the genus Plusiocampa, the first described from the Andalusian karst.

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Revue suisse Zoologie, Vol. 96, no. 3 (1989).