Cypress Creek Project-Structural analysis: Characteristics of the Glen Rose formation in and around the Cypress Creek watershed and their implications on groundwater flow


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January 2008


Located along the Balcones Escarpment in Central Texas is a rapidly growing development corridor that contains some of the fastest growing counties in the country. The primary water source in this region has historically been groundwater and recent development has resulted in increased demand on aquifer resources. Understanding the structural geology of a tectonically altered carbonate rock region can yield important information regarding flow regimes of local groundwater. In the Cypress Creek watershed of Hays County, TX, the Balcones Fault Zone has created extensive faulting and jointing patterns throughout the Glen Rose and underlying formations. These geostructural trends correspond to the principle tectonic stresses applied to the rock. Measurements of these trends are recorded and presented herein. The karstic nature of the aquifer that has developed subsequent to the jointing and faulting in the Upper and Lower Glen Rose is complex and still under study. The interpretation of groundwater flowpaths, storage, residence times and yield is reliant on the understanding of the structural nature of the aquifer. It is our hope that this report increases understanding of the aquifer and thus allows for better management of its resources.

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