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March 2014


Held March 8-15, 2014 Galápagos, Ecuador. Contents: Day by Day -- List of Participants -- Cascajo Cave -- La Llegada Cave -- La Mirador Cave -- Recent Explorations in the Galapagos Islands / Aaron Addison, Cave Research Foundation -- The keokeo lava tube system in Hawaii / Peter Bosted, Tomislav Gracanin, Veda Hackell, Tim Scheffler -- Lavacicles: How many flavors do they come in? / Dave Bunnell -- New Technologies and Approaches to Advance the Search for Volcanic Caves on Other Planets / P.J. Boston -- Lava caves under the city of Auckland, New Zealand / John Brush, Peter Crossley -- Siliceous speleothems in Ana Heva lava tube (Easter Island, Chile) / José María Calaforra, Paolo Forti, Fernando Gázquez, Fernando Rull , Jesús Martínez-Frías -- Detection of volcanic caves in Mexico City using seismic tomography and MASW methods / Flores-García W -- Holes in the Landscape: A Metageography of Volcanokarst / Mick Day and Patti Day -- Biospeleothems of allophane and Fe oxi-hydroxides in the Galeria da Queimada lava tube (Terceira, Azores) / Daza, R and Bustillo, MA -- Sea caves in basalt lavas of different structures / Gadanyi, P - Gyuk, P. Open Access See Extended description for more information.


Ecuador, Vulcanospeleology









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