Author Biography

Colonel Dave Raugh is a U.S. Army Armor Officer with over 22 years in the service. He received his Bachelors in Science in Environmental Science and Systems Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1993, a Masters of Science in Adult Education from Kansas State in 2004 and a Master of Military Art and Science in Campaign Design from the School of Advanced Military Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in 2005. He has commanded military formations up to and including a battalion of over 560 men and women in Afghanistan. He has over five years of extensive overseas experience in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Dave is currently attending the University of Central Florida Security Studies Ph.D. program as a member of the U.S. Army Advanced Strategic Plans and Policy Program (ASP3).



Subject Area Keywords

Asymmetric warfare, Defense policy, Security management, Security policy, Strategy, Threat assessment


Does the “hybrid threat” discussed in General Marty Dempsey’s 2015 United States National Military Strategy make logical sense? In this paper I define the national security threat risk assessment process, examine the most significant US security threats, and study the hybrid threat. I conclude that the hybrid threat is the one that could most exploit our nation’s critical vulnerabilities- both from a security and foreign policy perspective. I conclude with a study of security and economic methods to reduce this threat.