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S. Hall is a graduate student in Bellevue University's International Security and Intelligence program with a career in international law enforcement, aerospace, and STEM education. Hall has a B.A. from the College of Charleston.



Subject Area Keywords

Al-Qaida, Counterterrorism, Development and security, Foreign policy, Human rights, International security, Nonstate actors, Pakistan, Psychology, Regional conflict, Social movements, Sociocultural dynamics in security, Southeast Asia, Stability operations, Stabilization and reconstruction, Strategy, Taliban, Terrorism / counterterrorism


The U.S. drone program in Pakistan faces strong resistance in Pakistan. Because the program solely seeks to eliminate terrorist groups and leaders through bombing campaigns, with no built in social support, the local population’s anti-American sentiment has reached the highest level in history. This angry mood against U.S. drone programs is spreading throughout the Islamic world. To counter this anti-American sentiment, and increase the drone program’s effectiveness, the U.S. must invest in multifaceted, socio-economic support efforts to educate the population and rebuild the gratuity, trust, and commitment of Pakistan’s people to the “War on Terror.”