Author Biography

Dr. Mieke Komen has broad experience in social scientific research and management experience at various (judicial) welfare and child protection institutions, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, and two research centers in The Netherlands. She has a PhD in social science from the University of Amsterdam. She can be reached at: miekekomen@yahoo.com.



Subject Area Keywords

Fundamentalism, Psychology, Radicalization, Religious violence, Sociocultural dynamics in security, Terrorism / counterterrorism, Violent extremism


In his Widening Circles of Disidentification the Dutch sociologist Abram de Swaan argues that enmity and violent conflicts occur most frequently among groups that resemble one another, in transitional phases in which the social differences between these groups are growing smaller. This paper sets out to explore this thesis, in relation to the recent tensions in the Netherlands generated by a trend towards radicalization among second-generation Moroccan youth. Another relevant point that is discussed is the way some ethnic minority juveniles are socialised and integrated in Dutch society. Political radicalism among young Moroccans in the Netherlands seems to be promoted by emancipation and coercive family processes.