Author Biography

David L. Blenkhorn is Professor of Marketing at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, where he teaches courses in Competitive Intelligence, Business-to-Business Marketing, and Marketing Strategy. He has taught for the University of Toronto, Western University, York University, McMaster University, University of California, Berkeley, Aalto University, Finland, and Nova University, Portugal, among others. He is co-editor of the books (1) Competitive Intelligence and Global Business, (2) Controversies in Competitive Intelligence: the Enduring Issues, (3) Managing Frontiers in Competitive Intelligence, and co-author of the book Reverse Marketing: the New Buyer-Supplier Relationship.



Subject Area Keywords

Intelligence analysis, Intelligence studies/education, Methodology


Current trends suggest that academia may be well “behind the curve” in delivering effective competitive and market intelligence programs and course offerings to students. There are many reasons why this state of affairs has occurred, and prominent among them is nature of challenges experienced by instructors in disseminating and teaching students the prominent competencies they need to acquire in order to be successful in the changing workplace. Applying cluster analysis to our teaching experiences and the scholarship, we develop a normative conceptual model that contrasts traditional and evolving pedagogical methods. Furthermore, we make the case that new learning tools and technologies which are revolutionizing the way information is taught need to be matched up with the new ways in which unique segments of contemporary intelligence students approach learning.