Author Biography

Dr. Jonathan Smith is an Associate Professor of Politics and serves as the Director of Intelligence and National Security Studies at Coastal Carolina University. He teaches course on intelligence analysis, national security decision making, and U.S. security policy. Dr. Smith also served as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve. In his 23-year career, he has mobilized in support of Operations JOINT ENDEAVOR, IRAQI FREEDOM, and ENDURING FREEDOM. His last assignment was as Commanding Officer of NR Joint Intelligence Operations Center 0174 based at the U.S. Southern Command in Miami, Florida.



Subject Area Keywords

Intelligence analysis, Intelligence studies/education


As intelligence studies programs and courses continue to grow in the United States, the demand for qualified faculty to service these activities also continues to grow. However, the paucity of graduate programs in the field and the specialized nature of the instruction has the potential to lead to staffing challenges. This article reviews the findings of an empirical survey of intelligence faculty at U.S. civilian colleges and universities. It is found that most faculty who teach courses in intelligence have prior work experience in the field of intelligence. Indeed, many come with a substantial background in the craft, as well as some pedagogical training. However, a large proportion of these faculty are employed in an adjunct capacity, raising questions about the development of such programs in the future.