Author Biography

Yejun Wu is an assistant professor in the School of Library and Information Science at the Louisiana State University. He works on knowledge organization, information processing (information retrieval systems and computational linguistics for text analysis), and open source information analysis. He was a science and technology policy analyst in China before studying and working in the United States.



Subject Area Keywords

Intelligence analysis, Intelligence studies/education


This paper studies the weaknesses of intelligence-education curriculum in the United States from a Library and Information Science perspective. Intelligence information processing is a separate step in the traditional intelligence cycle; however, information-processing competencies are often included in the intelligence collection and analysis competencies in the Intelligence Community. A study of the websites of the intelligence-education programs in the major 27 intelligence-education institutions in the United States reveals that information processing is often implicitly included in an intelligence analysis or collection course; and only three universities offer such courses that include information-processing components. Only one university has been found to offer courses that implicitly include components of the knowledge-organization competency. This paper recommends strengthening intelligence-education curriculum with information-processing and knowledge-organization competencies.