Author Biography

Dr. Alexandra Luce is a Research Associate and Adjunct Instructor in the Intelligence Analysis program at the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC). She also works as a freelance course developer. She has a PhD in history from the University of Cambridge and has developed and taught courses in intelligence, national security, and history at Ryerson University, the University of Toronto, Mercyhurst College, and the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Alexandra welcomes your comments and questions and can be reached at: dr_luce@yahoo.com.



Subject Area Keywords

Intelligence analysis, Intelligence collection, Intelligence studies/education, Methodology


Civilian, military and government institutions offer a wide range of courses on intelligence and are increasingly doing so online. While evaluation and improvement are critical to ensuring quality training and education, there is little research about how to evaluate and improve online intelligence courses. Based on the author’s experience developing and teaching such courses, this article offers four suggestions to those involved in online intelligence training and education: (1) conduct a key assumptions check; (2) ensure the course presentation embodies the principles of intelligence communication; (3) encourage creative freedom; and (4) build in mechanisms for feedback throughout the course.