Author Biography

Carl Anthony Wege is a tenured Professor of Political Science at the College of Coastal Georgia in Brunswick, Georgia. He has taught courses on terrorism and published articles on Hizbollah and related subjects. Professor Wege has traveled in China, Latin America, and Africa and was recently in Israel as a Foundation for the Defense of Democracy 2011 Academic Fellow. The author may be reached for comment at: cwege@ccga.edu.



Subject Area Keywords

Middle East, Nonstate actors, Political violence, Small wars and insurgencies, Terrorism / counterterrorism


Since the 1980s, Hizbollah has emerged as the guardian of Lebanon's Shi'a and a stalking horse for Iran. Syria, though allied with Tehran, seeks to manage Hizbollah's freedom of action in Lebanon and is eyed cautiously in Damascus. Hizbollah has managed to maintain independence from these Syrian efforts because of both Lebanese Shi'a religious élan and the protection given Hizbollah by its Shi'a allies in Iran.