Author Biography

Syed Manzar Abbas Zaidi, LLM, LLB (Hon.), MBA, MBBS, is a former Lecturer in Policing and Criminal Investigation at the University of Central Lancashire, UK. His areas of research expertise are the radical Islamist militancy in Pakistan, inter-faith dialogue, and the deconstruction of the global communicative jihadist discourse. He is a Senior Associate Editor of the Long War Journal, and has authored two books on the subject of the Taliban in Pakistan, besides having written extensively for numerous professional journals.



Subject Area Keywords

Development and security, Governance and rule of law, Islamic culture and politics, Pakistan, Radicalization, Taliban


This article briefly explores the economics of the "Talibanization" of Pakistan within descriptive and contextual paradigms, while attempting to find a best solution to counter rising militancy in the context of realities facing the population on the ground. One such solution is the National Pakistani Counter Terrorism and Extremism Strategy (NACTES), designed to curb Taliban financing in Pakistan. The strategy is being drafted by National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA), the nascent homeland security coordination body set up by the state as the primary public organ entrusted with counterterrorism, counter-extremism, and de-radicalization efforts of the state.