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Ronald Goodman is Vice President of Marketing of Resiligence Inc., a Silicon Valley-based provider of reporting solutions for campus, city, and corporate environments. Serving Fortune 500 companies for over twenty years, Ron has an extensive background in multiple disciplines. His experience spans diverse categories including wine marketing, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductors. Over the years he has led marketing and creative teams for industrial, hi-tech and healthcare companies. Ron has served as a board member and speaker for a number of professional organizations including Peninsula Marketing Association, Medical Marketing Association and Business Marketing Association. He is currently on the Board of the Direct Marketing Association, and is a graduate of the UCLA graduate pharmaceutical marketing program. Mr. Goodman can be reached for comment at: ronald.goodman@resiligence.com.



Subject Area Keywords

Homeland security, Law enforcement, Security management, Sociocultural dynamics in security, Threat assessment


Since the events of September 11, 2001, the U.S. population has a heightened awareness that tragedies can and do strike ordinary people without warning. The same can be said for the unfortunate abundance of campus shootings, where the next "9/11" occurred in 2007 on the campus of Virginia Tech. And yet, subsequent investigations into these horrific events often reveal that clues existed that might have pointed to the eventual violent outcome. It is unquestionable that to dramatically improve the safety and security of our cities we must rely upon the millions of eyes of our fellow citizens to unearth these clues as they pursue their daily activities. But ordinary citizens on the street are often reluctant to get involved and lackthe tools to overcome their reticence to report suspicious activity. In this article, we examine several indicators of campus and community violence, as well as a novel technology to facilitate communication of potential threats to safety before they become a reality.