Author Biography

Ezenwa is a Doctoral Research Fellow at the Conflict, Violence, and Terrorism Research Centre at Royal Holloway, University of London. His research agenda lies at the intersection of migration, psychology, and politics, focusing on how violence and cultural contexts influence individual and group behaviours. His research articles have appeared in Culture & Psychology, Third World Quarterly, Small Wars & Insurgencies, Terrorism and Political Violence, African Security Review, and Genealogy. He introduced the concept of Cognitive Immobility in a paper published by Culture & Psychology that highlights how people can become cognitively entrapped in a place or experience from their past, leading to significant challenges in their current lives. This concept has gained extensive recognition, featuring in numerous op-eds and blogs, and has been translated into multiple languages, highlighting its broad impact and relevance.



Subject Area Keywords

Africa, Civil affairs, Conflict studies, Development and security, Diplomacy, Globalization and global change