Author Biography

Chris Bronk is an Associate Professor at the University of Houston Hobby School of Public Affairs. He is also a non-resident scholar at Rice University's Baker Institute Center for Energy Studies. He has previously held positions with the US Department of State, University of Toronto, and Syracuse University

Nathan P. Jones is an Associate Professor of Security Studies at Sam Houston State University. He is also a non-resident scholar in US-Mexico Studies and Drug Policy at Rice University's Baker Institute, the Book Review Editor for the Journal of Strategic Security, and a Small Wars Journal–El Centro Senior Fellow.



Subject Area Keywords

Cybersecurity, Information operations, Intelligence studies/education


This article presents a novel framework called the Policy Informative Cyber Case Analysis for cyberattack incidents. The aim of this framework is to provide a structured documentation and translational assessment tool for cyber incidents of geopolitical significance to a broader policy audience. The article discusses case study method as applied to cyber incidents, situates the framework amongst other useful methods, discusses the application of structured analytic techniques (SAT) such as “chronologies and timelines” and “devil’s advocacy,” presents the framework, and provides conclusions. Cyber incident cases, primarily the 2015 attack on the Ukrainian electric-grid is used throughout to elucidate the utility and application of the framework.


This work does not represent the official opinion of Sam Houston State University nor the University of Houston. The views presented are of the authors alone.