Author Biography

Dr. John P. Sullivan retired as a lieutenant with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. He is an Instructor in the Safe Communities Institute, University of Southern California. He has a PhD from the Open University of Catalonia, an MA from the New School for Social Research, and a BA from the College of William and Mary. He received a lifetime achievement award from the National Fusion Center Association in November 2018 for his contributions to the national network of fusion centers.



Subject Area Keywords

Gangs and criminal organizations, Globalization and global change, Networks and network analysis, Transnational crime


In his landmark trilogy, The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture, sociologist Manuel Castells argued that networks, information technology, and global economic flows were altering the nature of politics, power, and states. This article examines the network dynamics Castells wrote about in relation to transnational crime and illicit economic markets. The article further explores Castells’s influence on the study of transnational organized crime, illicit networks, and the global illicit economy.