Author Biography

Anubhav S. Goswami is a Doctoral Scholar at Jindal School of International Affairs, O.P Jindal Global University. He holds a Masters in Development Studies from Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati; and Bachelors in Political Science from University of Delhi. His doctoral research is based on the comparative analysis of American Grand strategy in the context of changing world system from Unipolarity to Multipolarity. His research interests include U.S Grand Strategy, Sino-American strategic competition, Taiwan’s sovereignty, Indo-US Strategic relationship, Indian Foreign Policy, Indian grand strategic thought and Japanese Foreign Policy.



Subject Area Keywords

China, Hegemony, National security, War studies


China’s vastly increased economic and military might has alarmed the United States about sustaining its relative power in the world. Observing the growing influence of Beijing in the international world order, experts of ‘great power competition’ are now asking: What will be the reaction of the United States once China achieves parity or even comes close to achieving parity with Washington? As could be expected from its nature, the question has generated sharp polarising viewpoints but none has spawned more interest and controversy than Harvard Professor Graham T. Allison’s ‘Thucydides’ Trap’ discourse which argues that China’s spectacular rise could lead to a violent yet avoidable war with the United States along the lines of previous conflicts between a ruling power and a rising power. This study describes that if the United States continues to pursue its hegemonic grand strategy, it will accelerate the conflict which might trigger the Thucydides’ trap with China. The aim and objective of this study is to recommend a revision in the United States grand strategy from hegemony to a ‘balancing’ strategy to reduce the risk of strategic rivalry with China turning into a full-blown war.


I thank the anonymous reviewers for their careful reading of my manuscript and their many insightful comments and suggestions.