Author Biography

Dr. Edward J. Hagerty received a Ph.D. in History at Temple University. He teaches History at American Military University and is the former director of the National Security Studies and Military Studies M.A. Programs there. Dr. Hagerty also serves on the faculty of Air University, where he teaches leadership in the Air Command & Staff Online M.A. Program. He retired from the USAF Reserve in 2014 as a colonel and Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations. He commanded units through Wing-level on numerous extended active duty tours and deployments. Dr. Hagerty’s publications include Collis’ Zouaves: A History of the 114th Pennsylvania Volunteers; and The Air Force Office of Special Investigations, 1948-2000. A chapter entitled “The Battle of Santa Rosa Island” recently appeared in the book On Contested Shores: The Evolving Role of Amphibious Operations. His book Lt. Gen. Richard H. Anderson: Lee’s Gentleman Soldier is forthcoming in 2022.



Subject Area Keywords

Information operations, International relations, National power, Russia, Security policy, Security studies