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Smita Athanere is a PhD research scholar of Computer Engineering IET DAVV Indore MP India.She teaches or taught numerous master’s and bachelors classes over the last 14 years. She earned master’s degree from SGSITS ,Indore MP India and a Bachelor’s degree from SGSITS ,Indore MP India.Presented papers in many journals and conference.

Dr Ramesh Thakur is a reader in International Institute of Professional studies, DAVV, Indore MP India. He teaches or taught numerous Doctoral , master’s and bachelors classes over the last 18 years.



Subject Area Keywords

Cybersecurity, Security management, Security studies


Enterprises choose to keep their data on the cloud to allow for flexible and efficient data exchange among their authorized staff when dealing with huge data. However, during the sharing of sensitive data, data security and users privacy has become major challenges. Most of the existing studies have several limitations, including weak model security, single point of failure, and lack of efficiency during user revocation. This article proposes cloud storage based Hierarchical Multi-authority Access Control Scheme (HMA-ACS) for secure and efficient data sharing. Through theoretical analysis, this article proves that the proposed mechanism efficiently performs cryptographic key operations and secured plus adaptive in the standard model while supporting the access policies. Furthermore, the proposed approach evaluated and compared recent state-of-art schemes in terms of storage overhead, computation overhead, average encryption, and decryption performance. Experimental results analysis shows that the proposed solution is resistant to many types of security threats and ensures data privacy when sharing data in the cloud.


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