Author Biography

Dr. Mark Peters is a retired Air Force Officer, working for BrainGu as a Product Manager to implement DevOps for software delivery in DoD environments. He holds a Doctorate in Strategic Security from Henley-Putnam and is a PhD Candidate in Cybersecurity/Information Assurance with Capella University. A CISSP, PMP, and SAFe Scrum Master he is the author of Cashing in on Cyberpower (2018). Favorite analytical pursuits include energy politics, space security, and DevOps in software development and favorite theories include phenomenological approaches based on Heidegger, Van Manen, and Gadamer. In his spare time, he practices Judo, enjoys drawing, and thinks, writes, and speaks, usually in that order. He also takes care of two Great Danes.



Subject Area Keywords

China, Energy security, International relations, International security