Author Biography

Colonel Lyubomir Monov is a native Bulgarian, an active duty military officer with more than 30 years of military service. Colonel Monov is a graduate from the US National War College, Washington, DC. He holds a PhD in national security from Defense Advanced Research Institute/G. S. Rakovski National Defense College, Sofia, Bulgaria. Colonel Monov has extensive experience in the area of national security and strategy. He is the author and co-writer of several articles in Bulgarian and English language about contemporary war, gray zone conflicts, hybrid threat and Russia hybrid model.



Subject Area Keywords

Defense policy, Europe and EU, Military affairs, National security, Security policy, Strategy


This article examines some of the formidable challenges and concerns of North Atlantic Treaty Organization that could influence its unity and integrity. A combination of issues that encompass military problems, internal political glitches and critical rhetoric from the President of the United States may undermine NATO’ s capacity to act in the best interest of its members. Now even more than ever before, this causes uncertainty about the future of the Alliance. Therefore, this paper opens a discussion about possible scenarios for NATO’s disintegration and how this might affect some of the smallest member states, namely, Bulgaria. Admittedly, the security and stability of Bulgaria, which has limitations in terms of national capacities and capabilities, is at risk. Without the protection of NATO, there is a high probability that the Balkans could once again jump into competition and confrontation. Regional actors and global players might try to impose their influence on the Balkans. For Bulgaria, this means change in the security landscape and uncertain future alternatives. No one on the Balkans will be truly safe.


The analysis and opinions contained in this article are those of the author solely and do not represent the analysis and opinions of the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense or any of the other institutions or organizations he is affiliated with.