Author Biography

Yejun Wu, Ph.D. is Associate Professor in the School of Library and Information Science at the Louisiana State University. He received the Doctor of Philosophy in Information Studies from the College of Information Studies, University of Maryland, College Park (2008). His research areas include organization of knowledge and information resources, and semantic analysis of text.

Fansong Meng is Associate Professor in the School of Information Communication at the National University of Defense Technology, China. His research areas include information and knowledge management, and open-source information and policy analysis on information communication technology (ICT).



Subject Area Keywords

Security management, Security studies


There are various definitions and dimensions of security, and there is no comprehensive taxonomy of security. The existing classifications of security are fragmented, scattered, and divergent, binging challenges in the management of security and the management of information resources about security. This research aims to study the problems of security categorization in existing knowledge organization systems, and to develop a comprehensive taxonomy of security. Through thematic analysis of the literature about security, we found that, despite the various definitions and dimensions of security, there is a common feature of security. That is, security is expressed in this pattern: subject wants to protect object against source of insecurity using certain methods. Through facet analysis, we identified four facets of security – subject/scope of security, object of protection, source of insecurity, and method of security. By nesting the four facets to reveal the content of comprehensive security terms (such as national security, human security), we can build comprehensive taxonomies of security for various user groups. This paper develops a tetra-facet model of security, and demonstrates the application of thematic analysis and facet analysis to solve a complex problem of security categorization.