Author Biography

Karl Umbrasas, PsyD., is a clinical psychologist and forensic psychology fellow on active duty in the US Army. He has an MS in intelligence management and an MS in terrorism and counterterrorism studies from Henley-Putnam University.



Subject Area Keywords

National security, Nonstate actors, Security management, Security studies, Social movements, Sociocultural dynamics in security, Weapons of mass destruction


Apocalyptic groups have launched attacks in the past, which if competently executed, would have been catastrophic. The security community needs a greater understanding of when law enforcement or the military should intercept dangerous apocalyptic groups. This comparative case analysis explores the length of time apocalyptic groups remain in existence, and when, during their life-span, they cross the threshold to catastrophic violence. The apocalyptic groups examined in this paper are centrally focused on the expectation of end-times or they seek to catalyze its arrival in ways that offend laws or social norms.