Author Biography

Dr. Jonathan Smith is the Director of Intelligence and National Security Studies at Coastal Carolina University. Graduating from college in 1989, he joined the United States Navy Reserve as an intelligence officer. In a 23-year career, he deployed in support of operations in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. His last assignment was as the commanding officer of Joint Intelligence Operations Center 0174 at the U.S. Southern Command in Miami, Florida. Dr. Smith received his Master of Arts in International Studies and his Doctorate in Political Science from the University of South Carolina. He also earned a certificate in the Joint Military Professional Education program of the U.S. Naval War College.



Subject Area Keywords

Intelligence studies/education


As the field of intelligence studies continue to expand, knowledge of faculty and programs outside the United States remains limited. Beyond a few studies which consider the larger “Anglosphere’, there remains the question of whether programs in different countries are approaching this academic study from a comparable perspective. Utilizing a survey of individual faculty members, as well as interviews with program leadership, this study finds that there is a shared emphasis on practical application. From faculty background to program objectives, intelligence studies degree programs inside and outside of the United States appear to share this common focus.


The author would like to thank the respondents of this study. Without their gracious support of their time and perspectives, this research would not have been possible.