Call for Papers

Information Security: Social Media, Election Security, and Information Operations

Manuscript Deadline: June 1, 2022
Submit Online: https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/cgi/submit.cgi?context=jss
Submission Guidelines: https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/jss/submissionguidelines.html
Email questions: editor@national.edu


Issue Themes

The Journal of Strategic Security hereby makes its formal call for papers for an upcoming issue focused on the strategic impact of information security in the conduct of foreign affairs and national security policy. This issue will examine the threat and risks of information security through a broad lens, to include use of social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others as a means to either preserve or compromise public trust. National security and global security topics loom large in this themed issue, but we are also open to ideas around information security applications for non-governmental organizations (NGO) – such as beneficial uses to enhance strategic communications to assist in humanitarian operations – as well as more malfeasant uses by violent extremist organizations (VEO). This issue will specifically look at several interrelated issues:

  1. Social Media and Information Operations
  2. Information Security for Military and National Instruments of Power
  3. Cyber Operations, Cyber Security, and Cyber Resiliency
  4. Humanitarian Assistance Operations
  5. Non-Governmental Information Security
  6. Violent Extremist Organizations and Information Security
  7. Election Security and Social Media Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter

All contributions will be subject to double blind peer review. Interested scholars are encouraged to submit a 250 word abstract to the special issue editors as soon as possible with a target date of April 1, 2020. While not a requirement for submission of a paper, this will assist the editors in planning the content of the issue.

Download the Call for Papers here: https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/jss/call-for-papers.pdf

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Manuscripts Due - June 1, 2021

Recommended Abstract Submission to Special Editors – April 1, 2021

Anticipated Publication – September 1, 2021 (Fall Issue 2021)

Please follow JSS submission guidelines and strictly adhere to Chicago Manual of Style:

Please submit all articles to the Journal of Strategic Security submission portal at:

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Aims & Scope of the Journal of Strategic Security (JSS)

The Journal of Strategic Security is a peer-reviewed professional journal published quarterly by Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security Press. The Journal encourages diversity in theoretical foundations, research methods, and approaches. Each article should analyze and include implications for policy and practice. Read our full Aims and Scope: https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/jss/aimsandscope.html

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Who Should Submit?

We welcome submissions from students, practitioners, scholars, and experts from the intelligence, military, and law enforcement communities, as well as from government, academia, and the private sector.

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Please review our Submission Guidelines before you submit your manuscript

Articles should be approximately 3,000 words. Occasionally, we publish longer pieces depending on the context and advanced notification. Please review the Submission Guidelines, ensuring your manuscript includes endnotes and complies with the formatting requirements: https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/jss/submissionguidelines.html

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Where to Submit

All documents should be in Microsoft Word format and submitted though the Journal’s online manuscript management system: https://scholarcommons.usf.edu/jss/

If you have a proposal or abstract for a paper, please email the Editor directly at:

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Review Process

All papers deemed suitable and within the Journal’s scope will be sent for peer review. The author may be asked to make changes as requested by the reviewer and editor before the work is published. Only original manuscripts not previously published or under consideration for publication elsewhere will be considered. If accepted for publication, manuscripts cannot be published elsewhere without written permission from Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security Press.

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Direct all questions to:

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