Cultural tourism is one of the most demanded types in tourism system by visitors and people tend to experience and witness historical and unique attractions of different types of destinations. Open-air museums constitute one of the structures that attract attention, especially for foreign visitors, within the scope of cultural tourism. With the development of technology and the increase of different channels in online travel platforms, people who visit open air museums begins to write comments about their experiences via these structures. In these comments, they possess different features of the open-air museums and factors that positively and negatively affect the experience of visitors. In this context, digital comments generated by online travel platform about Göreme Open Air Museum, which is Turkey’s most famous and on the UNESCO world heritage list, were examined with natural language processing methods in this research. According to the findings, people mostly write comments on these platforms about natural and historical features of this area, and they effect to visitor experience positive way. However, attitudes of the other visitors on that area, prices issues and lack of information has a role diminish satisfaction of foreign visitors who visited this open-air museum.


Goreme Open Air Museum, Cappadocia, Cultural Tourism, Online Reviews

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