Publications and Ethics Policies

Publication Policies

Articles that are sent to Journal of Mediterranean Tourism Research are reviewed in accordance with general guidelines defined by Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers. We strongly recommend you to review writing rules of the journal before sending your articles. In addition, for articles that will be published in English, authors must follow the guidelines of EASA (European Association of Science Editors) stated in “Guidelines for Authors and Translators of Scientific Articles to be Published in English”. Author must also follow the suggestions of International Committee of Medical Journal Editors for researches which contain human and animal data.

Evaluation of Articles and Privacy

Evaluation of Articles and PrivacyJournal of Mediterranean Tourism Research adopts double blind review method for all article evaluations. Double blind review is a method in which both author and referee identities are concealed. Referees are assigned to articles in accordance to the contents of articles and referees’ field of specialization. Referees are obliged not to share any documents and any information on processes related to the articles they evaluated.

Author Responsibilities

Articles that are sent to the journal must not be published in another journal/book and also must not applied to be published. No changes will be accepted in the list of authors without a clear and acceptable explanation to the editorial board. In case of a necessity to make a change on the list of authors, a clear reason and a written consent (a letter with a signature) must be presented to the editor.

Article Withdrawal

Authors must cooperate with the editor for correction or withdrawal processes. In case of withdrawal, authors must follow the rules of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) which stated in “COPE Retraction Guidelines). In cases of duplication or high rate of similarity, falsification, plagiarism, or unethical research, the article will be withdrawn by the editor. Links for the withdrawn article will be kept active but a withdrawal notice will be added to the article’s page on the electronic database.