The geographical movement of large human societies is the phenomenal phenomenon of our time. This mobility is also a social event, and the cause-effect relationship has an impact area extending from the individual to the general. Similarly, tourism as a system is complex. Each element constituting this system operates on the axis of different purposes and processes and affects the tourism system. Based on this starting point, this study aims to examine tourism development problems in Adıyaman. In the research, data were collected from eight (8) tourism stakeholders between 05.01.2022 and 15.02.2022 by semi-structured interview method. The data were analyzed by content analysis and descriptive analysis methods. The results of the research show that the primary problem in tourism development in Adıyaman is the lack of publicity. However, it was determined that bureaucratic support, service quality, lack of cooperation and coordination are other factors that limit tourism development. On the axis of the research results, theoretical and managerial suggestions were made.


local stakeholders, stakeholder theory, tourism, Adıyaman

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