Religion and belief which are among the intangible cultural elements play an essential role in shaping consumer behavior. Among these behaviors, individuals’ increasing religious sensitivity within the context of eating and drinking in particular necessitates the food they consume to be in concordance with religious values. From this point of view, it is envisioned that individuals’ demographic characteristics will cause differences in food consumption demands in accordance with their religiousness values. The purpose of this study is to determine the role of demographic variables in the awareness towards halal food consumption and attitude towards halal food. Moreover, another purpose of the study is to guide those who provide marketing services for halal food and the partners taking part in determining tourism strategies. Research data has been collected from 495 local tourists who had visited the city of Gaziantep and had an eating and drinking experience in this city via questionnaire technique between December 2022 and January 2023 by using the quantitative research method in accordance with the determined purpose. Data obtained from the questionnaires were examined using a statistics program. In the analysis of the obtained data, exploratory factor analysis, t-test and ANOVA tests were implemented. As one of the findings which became prominent with the research result, it has been concluded that halal food awareness has a statistically significant difference pursuant to the age variable of the demographic variables. In the light of these, this study contributes to relevant literature from various aspects and offers suggestions for future studies along with practitioners.


halal food, domestic tourist, attitude level, awareness level

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