The COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the entire world, has profoundly affected the tourism sector based on human mobility. However, it is estimated that the effects of the pandemic will be less in youth tourism. The study aims to explain the effects of the pandemic on the youth tourism market. In this context, a survey study was conducted in the InterRail Turkey Community/Unirail Group. The data collected by using the online survey technique were subjected to principal component analeymiş. After the analysis, it was seen that the effects of the pandemic on the tourism behavior of the participants can be explained in two dimensions as travel attitudes and preferences and hygiene and safety. Thus, the study concluded that the pandemic did not have a very high impact on travel attitudes and behaviors as well as hygiene and safety aspects. Also, the female participants were affected by the pandemic more than the male participants in terms of travel attitudes and preferences. As a result, despite the sharp decrease caused by the pandemic in general tourism mobility, there will be a more optimistic picture in youth tourism mobility if hygiene and security measures are taken.


pandemic, COVİD-19, young tourists, InterRail Turkey

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