Blogs & Glogs: Revitalizing Class Projects

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Publication Date

September 2010


educational technology, ESL


This workshop looks at two technologies that can be used to energize traditional poster and writing assignments to bring them beyond text: Glogster and Blogger. Both are free, easy to use websites with which students can create web pages with images, text, and audio to share with their classmates and the world. In the workshop, intended for instructors and curriculum coordinators, we will look at each of these platforms, discuss examples of project assignment guides using each of the sites, and talk about other ways they could be integrated into courses. I will also share some student feedback and some advantages to using these technologies for projects. After completion of the presentation, participants will be familiar with the basic features of Blogger and Glogster, have example project handouts using these sites, and leave with ideas on how to use them in a variety of courses.