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Cell photoacoustic detection of acoustic signals has serious problems of transmission loss and difficulty in acquisition. Based on the acoustic transmission characteristics of acoustic supermaterials, the acoustic wave directional transmission model is designed using COMSOL software, and a finite element simulation experiment was carried out. Experiments show that the model designed in this paper has good sound wave focusing and acoustic wave directional transmission effects. According to the specific application in different environments, this paper designs a variety of transmission models with different structures and carries out comparative experiments to verify the influence of complex model structures on the directional transmission of sound waves. At the same time, the experimental analysis of the acoustic wave directional transmission effect of the model under different frequency segments is carried out, and the possibility of acoustic wave logic operation is verified. Models can be applied to high frequency acoustic signal acquisition and sound wave transmission in complex environments. These studies have important significance for the development of cell photoacoustic detection technology and the application of metamaterial structures and have good practical merit.

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AIP Advances, v. 9, issue 12, art. 125209