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Spring 5-2-2011


Andy Hipsher

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There is very little research or information in regards to men’s college basketball staff positions. This study will focus on five positions on the University of South Florida men’s basketball team and explain what they do and whether it is necessary to the functioning of the basketball team. As a member of the University of South Florida men’s basketball team, I will work alongside these five positions and note their responsibilities and the amount of work that goes into upholding those responsibilities. I will also conduct an interview with each position as to gain any additional information that may add better explanations of their responsibilities to the reader. As a result of my research I have found that each position that was focused on exerts an unbelievable amount of time and effort into their jobs and is proven to be essential for the functioning of a men’s college basketball team. This work should prove that these positions on a men’s college basketball team deserve to be recognized for their hard work and importance to the functioning of the team.


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