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Spring 2011


Eric Coris

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Sports-related concussions have unique features that distinguish them from those mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI’s) caused by other mechanisms. Sports-related MTBI’s may result from relatively lower-velocity impacts as compared with high-speed motor vehicle collisions, and are thought to cause different neurophysiologic injury. A survey of youth coaches revealed 42% believed a concussion only occurs when an athlete loses consciousness, and 25% would allow the athlete to return to play despite showing symptoms of concussion. Concussions occur not only in youth sports but also at the collegiate and professional levels. It is believed that, post-concussion, an athlete has diminished reaction time, thus increasing the risk of further injury. MTBI tends to occur again in patients with single MTBI. This review of concussion research aims to study the functional effects of MTBI on the brain. Ultimately, investigations should extend towards establishing increased public awareness of concussions with corresponding standardized care criteria.


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