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Spring 4-20-2011


Roman Manetsch

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Purpose. To demonstrate that technology can improve oral hygiene which will contribute to improved overall health with the use of electronic toothbrushes.

Methods. This is a two part study. The first part will include 12 individuals divided into three groups with 4 persons per control group; depending on the toothbrush they use on a regular basis. The three types of toothbrushes utilized will be manual, Sonicare and Oral-B. All individuals will be examined and scored based on their level of gingival inflammation using the Silness-Loe index along with a plaque index measurement at the neck of each tooth. The second part of my study will involve two people who regularly use a manual toothbrush. They will be switched to an electronic toothbrush. Initially, they will be examined and their oral hygiene scored after using a manual toothbrush. They will then be examined several times over nine weeks while using an automatic toothbrush to determine if their oral hygiene has improved.

Hypothesis. Electronic toothbrushes will do a better job removing plaque from the teeth therefore improving oral health.