Submissions from 2021


Analytic Hierarchy Process: An Innovative Technique for Culturally Tailoring Evidence-based Interventions to Reduce Health Disparities, Jaime A. Corvin, Isabella Chan, Claudia X. Aguado, Ian Dollman, and Junius Gonzales

Submissions from 2020


Baseline and Stress-induced Corticosterone Levels Across Birds and Reptiles do not Reflect Urbanization Levels, Allison S. Injaian, Clinton D. Francis, Jenny Q. Ouyang, Davide M. Dominoni, Jeremy W. Donald, Matthew J. Fuxjager, Wolfgang Goymann, Michaela Hau, Jerry F. Husak, Michele A. Johnson, Bonnie K. Kircher, Rosemary Knapp, Lynn B. Martin, Eliot T. Miller, Laura A. Schoenle, Tony D. Williams, and Maren N. Vitousek

Submissions from 2018


Bridging the Chasm: Challenges, Opportunities, and Resources for Integrating a Dissemination and Implementation Science Curriculum into Medical Education, Tamar Ginossar, Carolyn J. Heckman, Deborah Cragun, Lisa M. Quintiliani, Enola K. Proctor, David A. Chambers, Ted Skolarus, and Ross C. Brownson