Earthquakes in Switzerland and Surrounding Regions during 2004

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earthquakes, focal mechanisms, moment tensors, Switzerland

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This report of the Swiss Seismological Service summarizes the seismic activity in Switzerland and surrounding regions during 2004. During this period, 677 earthquakes and 96 quarry blasts were detected and located in the region under consideration. With 22 events with ML≥2.5, the seismic activity in the year 2004 was close to the average over the last 30 years. As in previous years, most of the activity was concentrated in the Valais and in Graubünden. In addition, several moderate earthquakes occurred in the lower crust below the northern Alpine foreland. Unusual was that five earthquakes were sufficiently strong to cause ground shaking of intensity IV over large portions of the territory. Two were located in Switzerland (Liestal, ML 3.8, and Brugg, ML 4.0). The epicenters of the other three strong events were located outside Switzerland (Besançon in the French Jura, ML 4.8, Waldkirch in southern Germany, ML 5.1, and Lago di Garda in northern Italy, ML 5.3).

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Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae, v. 98, issue 3, p. 407-418