Source and Path Calibration in Regions of Poor Crustal Propagation Using Temporary, Large-Aperture, High-Resolution Seismic Arrays

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Broadband seismic data acquired during the Hi - CLIMB experiment are used to study seismic events and path propagation in the Nepal Himalaya and the south - central Tibetan Plateau. The 2002 – 2005 experiment consisted of 233 stations along a dense 800 km linear north - south array extending from the Hima layan foreland into the central Tibetan Plateau. The main array was flanked by a 350 km x 350 km sub - array in southern Tibet and central and eastern Nepal. The dataset provides an opportunity to obtain seismic event locations for ground truth evaluation, t o determine source parameters, and to study distance evolution of seismic coda for yield estimation in low Q regions.

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Proceedings of the 2012 Monitoring Research Review: Ground-Based Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Technologies, v. 1, p. 282-290