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Global Positioning System geodesy was used to measure surface deformation on Soufriere Hills volcano, Montserrat from October 6, 1995 to July 1, 1997 during initial dome growth and gravitational collapse. Our data from this period show non-axially symmetric horizontal displacements, and decreasing subsidence as a function of radial distance from the former topographic high of the volcanic edifice. Forward modeling suggests that surface deformation is caused by a shallow vertical dike (< 3 km), which expanded approximately 1 m, coupled with a deflating Mogi source at about 6 km depth. These inferred source parameters are in good agreement with independent observations of regional dike widths and preemption magma storage depth.

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Geophysical Research Letters, v. 25, issue 18, p. 3417-3420

Copyright 1998 by the American Geophysical Union.