Risk Mitigation: We are all Going to Die

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The communication of risk, especially as presented by some popular media outlets, can obfuscate many of the real threats to society conveying fear where the actual risk may be minimal while dismissing others that can create significant problems. For governance purposes, then, it is important that different aspects of risk are carefully explored including geophysical criteria, vulnerability metrics, behavioral concerns, probability and risk levels, hazardousness of place, and the dynamic, ever-changing nature of systems. In addition, some responsibility must be placed on personal accountability in hazardous environments. In this way, hazard managers can be informed as to appropriate and necessary remedial action to mitigate risk.

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Risk Mitigation: We are all Going to Die, in U. Fra.Paleo (Ed.), Risk Governance - The Articulation of Hazard, Politics and Ecology, Springer, p. 495-497