Ice in Caves

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Ice stalagmites, Cave glaciers, Scărişoara, Ventilation, Cryogenic carbonates

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Perennial ice in caves is a relatively uncommon occurrence in caves, resulting from the combination of peculiar cave morphology and local climatic conditions. It exists in various forms, ranging from delicate ice crystals, various types of stalagmites and stalactites, to underground glaciers, tens of meters thick and thousands of years old. The later are especially of great scientific importance, as they hold invaluable informations on past climatic and environmental changes. In this chapter, we briefly touch upon various aspects related to the presence of ice in caves, highlighting the recent advances in their scientific knowledge.

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Ice in Caves, in W. B. White, D. C. Culver & T. Pipan (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Caves (3rd Ed.), Academic Press, p. 553-558