Terra-CAT: the FWC Species and Habitat Monitoring Programs Catalog

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The Florida Species and Habitat Monitoring Programs Catalog, also known as Terra-CAT, is a searchable database of metadata—"data about data"—that allows anyone with access to the internet to find information about monitoring that supports research and management of Florida habitats and species, especially Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN).

The goal of Terra-CAT is to assist Florida’s Wildlife Legacy Initiative (FWLI) in meeting its Monitoring and Adaptation implementation goal of providing information necessary for adaptive management, by addressing the Species and Habitat Monitoring Objective of improving species and habitat monitoring systems. The catalog can also help researchers by letting them know what data have been collected, where they were collected, and how to acquire the data for their own analysis. Members of the public can use the catalog to find out about monitoring activities being performed in their communities.

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