Interorganisational Relations and Effectiveness in a Developing Housing Policy Field

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The study deals with the problem of administrative capacity in housing policy implementation in less developed countries. Specifically, interorganisational relations as a strategy for improving administrative effectiveness are examined. The main question addressed is as follows: ‘is the positive association between interorganisational relations and effectiveness found by studies in advanced countries tenable in the context of housing policy administration in developing countries?’ Employing data on interorganisational relations amongst housing policy organisations in Cameroon, it is found that the relation is also tenable in the context of a developing country. A secondary question of interest in the study is as follows: ‘what is the relative strength of association between various modes of interorganisational relations and organisational effectiveness?’ It is found that the more intense the mode, the stronger the association.

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Habitat International, v. 20, issue 2, p. 253-264