Thermal Regimes of Florida Lakes

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thermal, regimes, subtropical lakes, Florida

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Water column temperatures were determined monthly for 24 lakes and bimonthly for 5 lakes in peninsular Florida during 1979. Three geographical groups (north, central, south) were delineated from mean monthly water column temperatures for individual lakes. On a monthly basis, northern lakes were least similar to southern lakes, while central Florida lakes displayed greater affinity to the southern than to the northern lake group. Temperature differences between lake groups broke down during late summer. Subtropical lakes have been defined tentatively as those Florida lakes south of 28° latitude which possess warm monomictic circulation and a mean annual temperature of 24.2 ± 4.8 °C with minimum water column temperature rarely less than 14 °C and summer maxima rarely exceeding 31 °C. While all lakes in Florida are clearly warm monomictic annual nutrient cycling and productivity patterns may be influenced by inter-group differences in the timing and duration of water column circulation.

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Hydrobiologia, v. 83, issue 2, p. 267-273