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Volcanology, Cyberinfrastructure, Knowledge management, Volcano modeling, Volcanic hazards

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Knowledge of volcanic systems and the hazards they produce is rapidly advancing as internet resources become more readily accessible, new and more sensitive field techniques are developed, and ever greater amounts of data are collected. Such rapid advances drive the need for an online collaborative knowledge management system that enables the sharing of volcanological information, and modeling and analysis tools. Vhub ( is a community cyberinfrastructure platform designed for collaboration in volcanology research, education, outreach, and discovery that complements existing volcano databases and other cyberinfrastructure projects. Vhub is unique in its functionality as a nucleus for the creation of collaborative groups focused on issues such as code development, field research, education, and hazard mitigation. In addition, Vhub serves as a clearinghouse and virtual platform for computational tools relating to volcanic processes and data analysis, as well as documentation to aid in the use and understanding of these tools. By providing a means for scientists to easily disseminate data, models, and ideas, Vhub aims to promote collaboration amongst scientists and to provide resources for science education while advancing the state of understanding of volcanoes and the hazards they produce. This paper introduces the Vhub cyberinfrastructure and provides an overview of select hub features and resources.

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Journal of Applied Volcanology, v. 3, art. 2

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