Tropical Cyclogenesis in the Intra-Americas Sea: Hurricane Cindy (2005)

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Intra-Americas Sea, midlevel enhanced winds, South American southeasterlies, tropical cyclogenesis, vortex generation

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The tropical cyclogenesis (TCG) of Atlantic Hurricane Cindy (2005) was investigated to study environmental conditions preceding mesoscale vortex development in the Intra-Americas Sea (IAS; i.e., the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea) using the ERA-Interim Reanalysis pressure level data. Major findings include that the development of a mesoscale vortex occurred downward over Central America due to 600 hPa level enhanced winds downstream of southeasterly winds from northern South America, triggering Cindy's TCG in a few days. The contribution of midlevel enhanced winds should be noted as a potential precursor of other TCGs in the IAS.

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The Professional Geographer, v. 66, issue 3, p. 511-524